Thursday, November 19, 2015

Viva Las (we are tired) Vegas!

Monday was our last full day in Vegas. We had signed up to go to the Pawn Stars set and to meet the stars. The one thing for those who have not been to the shop, is that it is actually really small! We were so surprised, TV makes it look so much bigger. We were able to walk around and look at the items they had for sale and then we were able to go in the back where they had items that had not been priced yet. We didn't get to actually meet any of the stars, which was a bummer but we did get a picture with Rick.

Later that night, we got dressed up one more time for a dinner at a very nice steak house and then we went to another show. We saw Terry Fator perform. He won Amercia's Got Talent a few years back and then signed the biggest contract in Vegas history at the Mirage for 100 million dollars! He was so funny and it was a great way to end our trip to Vegas. Josh and I again went back to the hotel room and had club Hearndon turned to the max. We packed and then were in bed by 10:00, haha.

The next day was a full day of flying. We had our Thank You brunch and then boarded the plane back to Maryland. It was an awesome weekend.

I am so lucky to be able to do this with Josh. It was a Salute to the Troops trip, but it was an experience for this wife. Josh serving in the military always made me proud, but it was so nice to see how many people support us. Every place we went to, every time we got off of the bus, every time we entered a hotel, we were welcomed. There were people holding signs, yelling and cheering for us. It was nice to see such support.

Day in and day out our lives revolve around this cancer. I can't say "it's like we live at the hosptial because we are there so much" no, we actually do live at the hospital. Though Josh isn't confinded to a bed, I can look out my living room window right now and actually see the hosptial. Day in and day out it's appointments, cancer treatment, medication, being poked for blood draws..on and on. It was nice to get on a plane and leave it all behind. Yes, I was still his caregiver. Yes, he still had to take pills. But aside from me asking him a few times, no one knew anything was wrong with him. Everyone focused on his service. No one knew he had cancer. All they saw was a man that devoted his life to his country, a man who signed his life away knowing the consiquences. All they saw from me was a wife that was completely and utterly in love with her husband. Who is eternally grateful for all the sacrifies he has made and for the commitment he has made to his country.

Fore the first time in a long time. we were normal.

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