Thursday, November 19, 2015

Viva Las Vegas....part two!


Sunday was  by far my most favorite day. We got up early for breakfast and then loaded up on the bus to take a helicopter ride over the strip. Now, I have flown my whole life. I have never had a fear of flying nor have I ever shy'd away from doing something new. However, this helicopter ride had me nervous! I was shaking the moment we walked into the hanger. Josh kept telling me over and over that it will be fine, he would be next to me, that they do this all the time..don't worry. I was fine until the lady came up to me and said "Okay Jenna, you're going first and you're going to sit up front." I almost passed out! I could feel my body moving towards the helicopter, but my mind kept saying "no no no no no" haha. I was so nervous I couldn't even strap myself in! Eventually Josh boarded and he was seated behind me. I looked at the pilot as they were closing the doors and knew there was no going back now! I mustered up the courage (while holding Josh's finger behind me) and decided to just have fun. Take off was easy and once we were flying in the sky, I forgot how scared I was. It was amazing! It was a 20 minute flight but I honestly could have stayed up there all day, it was so pretty. 

After the ride, we went back to the hotel to find out what we wanted to do next. When we first found out we were going to Vegas, I set only two goals. One was to get Josh to gamble (check) and one was to go to Gordon Ramsay's restaurant. I figured we wouldn't be able to eat there because of it being Gordon Ramsay's resturnant AND the fact that it would probably be packed to the brim. I figured we would have to have a reservation or something. But damn it, I was determined to at least stand outside and get a picture! So we did. Then for the fun of it we walked up to the hostist where she asked how many was in our party. Uh, two please! I have a huge crush on Gordon, not only because I love Hells Kitchen, but also because I have read all of his books and have watched all of his shows. I think he is an amazing chef and an amazing person. So yes, I was fangirling so hard! Josh was excited too, but not as excited as I was. I was terrified to look at the prices but figured, what the hell we are in Vegas! 
(this was me just happy with a picture..before we walked over to be seated)


If you are ever near one of his resturants, GO. I'm not just saying this because I love the man, I'm saying this because this was probably the best sandwich I have ever had, lol. We would have gone a little more adventurous, but we did just do a helicopter ride and were still feeling a little queesy. However, everything down to the ketchup (which I am almost certain they make their own) was amazing. And, the prices were not toooo bad. For the both of us, plus a beer and dessert, it was around $75. I honestly thought it was going to be more.

His signature dessert, Sticky Toffee cake with ice cream. 
We were so full by this point but we had to get it!

We then met back up with the group to go to the Belliago for dinner and then to see Cirque du Soleil the "O" show. Josh and I had the pleasure of seeing one of their shows while we were in Italy, but it was entirely in Italian and a very small production. The "O" show was absolutely speckatular. There was so much going on that if you blinked, the entire set had already changed and there was new people out. After the show, we decided to walk around on the strip. We really wanted to do the Observation tower, that we found out earlier that morning was the tallest in the world. We walked over there and went on the ride. The ride itself was 30 minutes round trip and it was amazing at night time. All of Vegas was lit up. 

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