Monday, November 3, 2014

Genetic Testing and Love!

10 years.

We celebrated our 10 year "dating" anniversary this past May. For those who know the story, you can skim past this part. For those who don't, let me tell you about my favorite love story.

Our story isn't a whirl wind romance. There was no sparks flying and I didn't see fire works when we kissed. Ours was real. It was full of ups, downs, and all the crazy things in between. We met when I was fourteen and he was sixteen. We have known each other practically our entire lives, we just never really hung out until high school. We had different friends, different interest, and to be completely honest, Josh was the class clown while I was the quiet girl in the corner more concerned with her grades than boys. We had taken a band trip to Williamsburg Virginia, and that was where we finally got to hang out with each other (mainly because Josh was interested in all of my friends EXCEPT for me, but that's ancient history now!) Immediately I was drawn to Josh, like most people are when they meet him. He's always there for a quick joke or a piece of useless knowledge but that's what drew me into him. We started dating on May 20th, 2004. Like I said, it was no world wind romance. We broke up, got back together, broke up again, swore we would never get back together, and on and on. A couple years into the relationship I severely doubted us as a couple. We broke up weeks before his senior prom, however he still asked me to go with him. It was that night that I completely fell head over heels in love with him and I knew he was the man I was destined to marry. Life happened, he joined the Navy, I graduated high school and immediately enrolled into college to get my degree. Life changed, he moved, I stayed in Palm Bay. We spent days, weeks. months apart, but I knew deep down in my soul that this was the man I was meant to be with. Fast forward to a few months ago. We celebrated our 10 year "dating" anniversary. We didn't do anything special, dinner at our favorite restaurant followed by a quiet night at home watching a movie.

10 years.

We have never been the couple to rush into anything. We got engaged in 2007, but didn't get married until 2011. We didn't move into with each other until 2012, when we moved to Sicily together. So having a family has always been something of an idea for later on. We talk about it all the time. We plan things out and we get excited when we see a new born baby, just sitting in awe of what our life could be like with a little Hearndon. We were actually supposed to be moving to Virginia around this time, November 26 to be exact. We had planned to get pregnant shortly after. We were ready. Unfortunately God apparently had different plans. Josh's diagnoses has definitely put the baby making on hold, When we got the news that it was brain cancer and that they wanted to do genetic testing on him, we DEFINITELY put the baby making on hold. I hate seeing what my husband is going through and I am literally sick to my stomach at the thought of my future children going through the same thing.

They did genetic testing on Josh. They drew two vials of blood and those tiny tubes determine our entire future. They tested 29 genes and the testing would take four weeks to produce results. So today, with one phone call, our life settled into place. Josh tested negative! Though he's still has a rough battle ahead, the possibility of having a child really make the future look bright. So what does this mean?! Well, for us it means that we will talk to a fertility specialist as soon as possible. We would like to freeze some sperm before he starts Chemo. Josh's entire world revolves around having a child and being a father, so I am willing to do absolutely anything in my power to make my amazing husband a father.

Josh completed his fourth week of radiation last week. He is doing great, kicking ass and taking names. We meet tomorrow with the Neuro Oncologist to see what's going on from here. Tentative date to end radiation is next Monday, November 10th, the day before Veterans day!

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