Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Bald is beautiful!

Eight years ago Josh joined the Navy.
I remember after he graduated, he came home to Florida with his freshly shaven head and I told him "wow, you look like a cancer patient!" Flash forward 8 years and the same image was standing in my shower, rubbing his freshly shaven head only this time he actually is a cancer patient.When Josh started radiation all the doctors kept saying "and how do you feel about hair loss" (like he had any choice) and "well you know you're going to lose your hair" (again, like he had a choice). The first two weeks were great, we assumed Josh's hair was just to thick to fall out. Yeah he would experience some thinning and possibly some patches missing but he wouldn't be seeing it come out in clumps (we are naive with somethings, haha) Even up until Monday, his hair was thinning yes, but still present.

This morning we met with the radiologist. He examined Josh and said "Wow, I'm seeing some patches of hair missing on the top of your head." Still in denial, we went about our day. Josh has been wearing beanies, one reason is his scar, the other is that it's freezing here. He kept taking it on and off today, that is when I noticed the blanket of hair on his face. He was sitting in the chair, he rubbed his head and when he removed his hand from his hair, his hand was completely covered. My husband has always been the "rip the band aid off fast" kind of guy. He doesn't like to wallow in pain, he'd rather just have things done and over with. That is why tonight we decided to shave his head. He is well aware that chemo will make it fall out, so why not get used to the baldness now? (see, somethings we're not naive about!) So we sat in our shower and I shaved his head. To quote my dad "God only made so many beautiful heads, the rest he covered with hair." My husband definitely gives off a Lex Luther vibe..or Mr. Clean...or Patrick Stewart? Whatever vibe he gives off, he is still my handsome husband..but with no hair!

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